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Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

marlynToday the Sisters share hope through teaching, helping and healing. Inspired by our Foundress, we live simply, give generously, and have a deep respect and loving concern for others. Through prayer and work, we bring fuller life to others.

In the footsteps of Mother Frances, we look to Mary at the foot of the Cross as a model of faith and discipleship, and we live the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi. We try to practice Mother Frances’ patideal in contemplating God’s mystery according to which one seeks union with the Lord through contemplative prayer and caring ministry for those in need, especially the poor.

Thanks to the kindness and self sacrifice of Mother Frances and the numerous Sisters who have followed in her footsteps, many people have had the opportunity to have a better life, and to live in accordance with the Word of God.

marie2Our Sisters can be found in the United States, the Caribbean islands of Grenada, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Dominican Republic, Germany, Italy, Austria, Brazil and Tanzania. We evangelize through education, health care and pastoral activities, announcing that God is the Lord of the living. Through a life devoted to apostolic ministry and supported by a contemplative spirit, we care for the needy, especially the poor. With all our limitations, we seek God above all things.

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